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Ready to start a limited liability company (LLC) in North Carolina?

To begin its corporate existence as a limited liability company, your company must file Articles of Organization with the North Carolina Secretary of State. The filing fee is $125. Subsequently, most limited liability companies in North Carolina must file an annual report with the Secretary of State.

Qualification to do business in another state may be necessary if you anticipate doing business in other states. If that is the case, a determination should be made as to whether the LLC should be “qualified to conduct business” in such other states. This is accomplished by filing certified copies of the Articles of Incorporation and executing the appropriate forms in the particular jurisdiction.

While North Carolina does not require an LLC to have an operating agreement (there are default laws that apply), it is wise to have one in place, as it governs the purpose and powers of the LLC and provides a roadmap for who will be responsible for what, how profits and losses are handled, admission and withdrawal of members, etc.

An attorney can help guide you through the process with the right documents to start your LLC and protect you as you grow your business.

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